UnitedHealthcare brand revitalization campaigns

Ranked as the 6th on the Fortune 500, UnitedHealth Group offers a spectrum of products and services through two operating businesses, UnitedHealthcare and Optum. With a long standing in multi-cultural and small business market sectors, UnitedHealthcare owns top market share in the United States. The acquisition of Oxford Healthcare Plans in 2004 furthered its market penetration in the Greater New York area. However, as the fierce competition rose, its market share started to decline since early 2009. The year 2009 was the 15th Anniversary of its New York arm Oxford Health Plans. In the momentum of celebration, the marketing team was looking to increase its brand awareness and connect with the community on a deeper level.

As UnitedHealthcare’s ad agency, we re-investigated consumer demographics, consumption trends and media habits, and planned to strengthen the reliable and honest brand personality for UnitedHealthcare among target communities. Besides advertising on their preferred media with right messaging upon A-B testing results, we initiated thoroughly grass-root outreach to local organizations for more engagement with audience, and strengthened existing member communications on various channels. 

To stage the 15th Anniversary Celebration in a culturally preferred setting, we focused on the Moon Festival event integration. The event sponsorship was not unique enough, we dominated the event ground and media voice against all competitors with innovative and engaging elements. We collaborated with the community influencers and leading organizations, and creatively turned the event into the brand's birthday party where presented a giant moon cake of two feet in diameter and hosted a highly-anticipated medical counseling with well-known physicians. The event generated much buzz in the community and earned press coverage.

The client team acquired 500+ new leads at the event and the overall sales of the campaign quarterly increased by 20%. We established a new norm of community outreach and drove positive results for the business.

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United Healthcare



Project Duration:

August - December 2009

My Role:

Media planning, community outreach, event strategy, event coordination