GroomPal e-commerce marketing campaign

GroomPal is a start-up designer firm with a specialty in vacuum and clipper products design from Suzhou, China. Having made a few unsuccessful attempts on running its social media & digital promotions, the CEO was looking for a branding solution with high effectiveness and efficiency, given his team's limited marketing budget, insufficient English language skills and unfamiliarity with marketing tools.

As their digital marketing partner, we helped the team develop a full digital marketing plan, including KPI set-up, market research, budgeting, site selection, social media content development, ad creation, campaign tracking and on-going optimizations.

We firstly helped the team evaluate the brand more objectively based on an in-depth analysis of the market, consumer, competition and historical campaign data. To maximize effectiveness and efficiency, we prioritized channels with precision marketing capability, for example paid search, CPC/CPA display and video ads, forum sponsorship and social media promotions in various forms. Running the GroomPal social media with engaging content for 6 weeks, we managed to establish a 3000+ fans base rapidly who actively asked questions and shared our posts. Through many rounds of optimizations, towards the end of campaign, we were able to bring more than 2000 daily traffic to the site at the cost as low as $0.01 per click. Our marketing effort contributed the most traffic to its e-commerce site and generated the most conversations against all other channels.

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Consumer electronics

Project Duration:

May - August 2016

My Role:

Project management, data analysis, strategy development, optimization