Balight 2015 digital marketing & PR campaign for crowdfunding

Balight is a newly invented bike wheel-light by a group of young hardware developers in Shenzhen, China. As a small start-up founded in 2015, it had no marketing foundation or any existing publicity. With a very small community base (less than 1000) and limited marketing budget, it planned to release the new product globally with e-marketing and earned press coverage.

As their marketing partner, we deep dived into data of market, consumer and competition trends, and helped the team gain a objective perception on their SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). We developed full digital marketing & PR strategies and plans including brand positioning, creative direction, budget allocation, social media content strategy, KOL outreach plan and etc.. In its niche market, the Balight became very recognizable with its distinctive product design and a stylish brand positioning. With our continuous effort on community building, advertising optimizations, and KOL engagement along with the team's offline exhibition attendance, the campaign established a 5000+ fan base on social media within 6 weeks and gained top-notch media coverage including Forbes, Wired, Engadget and more. Media coverage secured was 50% higher than agreed campaign target. Its crowdfunding goal was fulfilled under 7 days (out of 35 days goal).

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Technology, hardware, sports

Project Duration:

September - November 2015

My Role:

Market research & analysis, branding strategy, project management, creative production coordination, KOL outreach, PR coordination